How it Works

Implementing is done in five easy steps:

  • Gather existing training materials: Provide your existing training materials, such as product FAQs or customer service training manuals. If pre-written FAQ content is available, we can quickly load those answers into ccRobot to provide an initial knowledgebase.
  • Develop call script together: We’ll design a “mind map” with you to precisely craft the experience you want your customers to have and follow the business rules you have in place.
  • Deploy ccRobot on your platform: We deploy ccRobot on your platform and integrate it into your existing operations.
  • Semi-automatic mode: Trained on-the-job and continually improves: ccRobot is sitting side-by-side with your live agent and learning from real human conversations. Over time, ccRobot learns how to replicate the customer interaction by the live agent.
  • Automatic mode: Handles visitors on its own. Once you are satisfied with ccRobot’s ability to handle customers, switch to automatic mode to allow ccRobot to drive the conversation by itself, resting assured that if needed, the live agent can jump in at any time if needed.