Omni-language support

ccRobot supports all written languages (as long as they can be typed on a computer). While traditional AI chatbots require a “base language” or working in one language at a time, ccRobot works seamlessly in multilingual and mixed language environments.

Real world natural experience

ccRobot is trained on-the-job (like an apprentice by his master), rather than by programmers and technicians in isolation. By training your chatbot in your live operating environment, your bot learns to interact with the same language that your actual customers use. The result is far more natural, seamless and intuitive style of conversation that customers love.

Enterprise modules

ccRobot includes a number of modular “add-ons” to make integrating the platform into current operations a breeze (including back-office integration). Popular modules include Email Ticket Creation, Mixed-Media Responses (not just text) and Password Reset.

Accelerated speed to impact

ccRobot uses the most cutting edge machine learning in the industry, which means it learns very fast. As ccRobot becomes smarter and smarter, you can automate batches of inquiries as ccRobot meets your confidence threshold.

Data/IP ownership and privacy

Your data is important to you. With ccRobot, your collected data is owned 100% by you – that means full data privacy and no need to share your data with outside parties.

Low cost independent operations

As the language training occurs on-the-job, there is no need for expensive programmers, computational linguistics or technician support. Organizations can choose when to continue training at will, and on demand, without the need for external development.